Financial Planning

What is Finvizer’s Comprehensive financial planning?

Comprehensive financial planning is a process in which the financial planner or SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, determines our client’s goals and aspirations and develops a financial action plan to achieve them. The result is called a comprehensive financial plan. A good Comprehensive financial plan typically aims to deliver a large amount of Tax Saving, a broad range of Investment Opportunities, and cover a long-term Insurance and Retirement planning.

What is the use of a comprehensive financial plan?

A comprehensive financial plan provides a holistic picture of your financial health and suggests ways to improve it. Individual plans may not provide the same integrated perspective.

  • Do you self-medicate when ill?
  • Do you like to risk your family future?
  • Do you want to neglect your kids future education?

If your answer is NO to all, our financial planner can help build a customized and comprehensive financial plan that’s just right for you.


Long term value creation

Holistic view of all financial aspects

Avoid ineffiency due to piece-meal approach

Develops financial literacy for your family

Protects the wealth for next generation

The financial planner will undertake “Comprehensive Financial Planning” for individual clients relating to:

  1. Tax planning
  2. Insurance planning
  3. Investment Planning
  4. Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Comprehensive Financial Plan includes all the various aspects like tax, investment, insurance, retirement etc. Comprehensive financial planning is a very detailed and wide form of financial planning. The main feature of this plan is that it provides a complete analysis of a person’s financial position covering almost all issues related to finance. A comprehensive plan helps in effective financial management where you can plan and regulate your finances today to realize your goals tomorrow.

This product is recommended to be purchased after a free trial consultation through FinVizer. This enables the client and the personal financial planner to start with a broad understanding of the client requirements, time horizon, cashflow requirements and risk tolerance.

The financial advisor will consider all aspects relating and affecting your financial profile. She develops a deep understanding of your financial goals, trends in your income, risk tolerance, etc. The final plan is formulated only after a clear vision of the client’s needs which is achieved after thorough discussions with the client.

Output: The personal financial planner will develop and deliver a customized and comprehensive plan that includes all the above aspects like tax, investment, insurance, retirement etc. The plan opens up with a calculation of the client’s networth & an analysis of income-expense. It tells how to allocate finances towards assets and goals and how you can achieve them. The planner will also include a suggestive report of cash flows and a plan of action.

Please note that the plan will be done based on the information provided by you. Hence you are advised to provide complete and detailed financial information about yourself and your family.


Day 1

A requisition list (list will be detailing the required documents) will be shared with you that captures your basic financial information.

Day 2

You will digitally submit the documents as per requisition list.

Day 6

Within 4 working days, you will receive a confirmed appointment with your financial planner, along with preliminary views (if possible).

Day 9

And your final financial plan will be shared within 3 working days from the submission of last set of additional documents (if any) by you.