Investment Advisory

Why do I need an Investment Advisor?

A good rule of thumb for investments might look like the below:

  • If your age is 25 – 80%-100% in stocks
  • If your age is 35 – 20% stocks, 40% balanced fund, 40% debt funds
  • If your age is 45 – 80% debt fund, 20% balanced funds.

But if you want to go beyond thumb rules, the Investment Advisor will build a customized portfolio that’s right for you.


Compounding returns

Customized Portfolio

Increased Productivity

Personalized service

Long term wealth creation

The Investment Advisor will develop an customized portfolio for individual clients relating to:

  1. Equities
  2. Fixed Income
  3. Mutual Funds
  4. Gold and precious metals
  5. Real estate and other alternative asset classes.

Investment Plan

-Investment planning is the analysis and allocation of net monthly or annual surplus income to gain some significant returns either immediately or in future. With the finance sector expanding greatly, there are a large number of investment options available including Gold investments and property investments etc but a major drawback of this huge investment market is that one gets to know about limited options only while the others remain unknown which may actually serve a better deal. So the investments mainly small,short term,long term and online investments should not be made randomly but in a planned way. The best investment plan is the one that maximizes one’s returns owing to his/her profile, surplus income, requirements, goals, etc.

This product is recommended to be purchased after a free trial consultation through FinVizer. This enables the client and the investment advisor to start with a broad understanding of the client requirements.

Output: The investment advisor will develop and deliver to you a customized investment plan based on your annual cash surplus, investment horizon, age, cashflow requirements and risk tolerance. The plan will contain an overall analysis of the client’s income-expenditure, risk tolerance and goals to be achieved. A thorough action plan is provided which contains a balanced and synchronized investment layout. Post delivery, the investment advisor is available for discussing and explaining the plan and provide any required modification till the client’s satisfaction.

Please note that the plan will be done based on the information provided by you. Hence you are advised to provide complete and detailed financial information about you and your family.


Day 1

A requisition list (list will be detailing the required documents) will be shared with you that captures your basic financial information

Day 2

You will digitally submit the documents as per requisition list.

Day 6

Within 4 working days, you will receive a confirmed appointment with your investment advisor, along with preliminary views (if possible).

Day 9

And your final investment plan will be shared within 3 working days from the submission of last set of additional documents (if any) by you.