• How do I select a financial planner or investment advisor using FinVizer?

First you have to select the service which you would like to avail. This will show a master list of financial planners or investment advisors. You can then zoom in on the right advisor for you using the location, experience, AUM etc filters. If you are unable to decide, you can always call us to receive professional help.

  • What should I do after selecting my investment advisor?

Congratulations ! You are one step closer to securing your financial future. Book a free trial video consultation with your chosen investment advisor using the “Schedule Appointment” button. You will then be required to submit your basic financial information, which the investment advisor will use for their profile mapping. After that our customer-care representative will call you back, to schedule an appointment with your advisor within 7 days. Once the trial consultation with the investment advisor is done, you can decide whether to engage their services full-time based on the overall initial experience.

  • What happens if I am unhappy with the service provided by my financial planner or investment advisor?

FinVizer offers to follow up for a 100% complete refund of your payment, if you are not happy with the service provided by your chosen financial advisor (subject to terms and conditions). We strongly recommend that clients first do a free trial video consultation. This will enable both parties to assess each others capabilities and ensure a smooth long term relationship.

  • I found a XYZ investment advisor who is also a CFP or a SEBI-RIA and is providing me with a free financial advice. Why should I pay advisors on FinVizer'?

Free advice can be very expensive, especially in financial matters. So please try to think why he is providing a free product? Is he making a commission on the investments made by you? Does he have your best interests at heart?

We believe the fee charged by our advisors are market competitive given their vast experience, independent and integrated service, advanced technology platform and convenience provided by FinVizer. All our charges are upfront and all inclusive. No hidden games here.

  • I am currently on an onsite assignement in US/EU/UK. How do I hire an investment advisor through FinVizer to manage my Indian assets?

FinVizer’s financial planners or investment advisors are fully equipped with safe and secure video conferencing facilities. Our advanced technology will help our planners to serve you no matter which part of the world you are located. You can specify the delivery channel of your preference when you select the financial advisor.

  • Is my financial data safe with FinVizer?

FinVizer will always keep your personal and financial data secure and confidential. All our systems are 256-bit encrypted and use numerous other safety standard followed by the industry. Please read our privacy policy for more details.